EURO AUTO PARTS is Specializes In After-Market Supply Through Its Customized End-To-End Manufacturing Solutions. Our Key Competencies Include Product Design, Throughput And Inventory Management As Well As Part Cost Reduction.Our Quality Management System Geared Towards Minimizing Defects, Variation And Production Waste.

We are Committed To The Wellbeing Of Its Employees And Stakeholders. We Provide Comprehensive Process Training And Place Special Emphasis On The Safety And Wellbeing Of Our Employees. We Are Environmentally Conscious And Constantly Innovate To Make Our Production Processes More Streamlined And Efficient. We Endeavor To Recycle And Reuse Most Of Our Scrap Material.

We Manufactures Crankshafts / Camshafts / Gear Parts for All Applications Including Those For Tractors, Trucks, Automobiles, Industrial Engines, Compressors

In Addition To Crankshafts, EURO Auto Manufactures 1 - Cylinder And Multi - Cylinder, Cylinder Heads Suitable For Trucks, Tractors And Stationary Engines. Styr Is Amongst The First And One Of Only Handful Of Cylinder Head Manufacturing Companies In India With Its Own State Of The Art Foundry And VMC+ HMC Production Line.